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Dr. Esser has helped my wrestling performance on the mat tremendously. I had to sit out a whole 3 months due to back injuries and in just a few weeks of working with him, I saw fast results. Since partnering with 614 Chiropractic I have not had to sit out or miss any competitions for the buckeyes this season. Get hospitality. Everyone on the staff is always so generous and lenient with me. I haven’t had much back pain since & I look forward to working with Dr. Esser & 614 Chiropractic more.

                                                                                        -Jashon H.

To be treated as if my pain is real and to care about resolving the issue not just offering pain meds to cover up the pain. Being a senior citizen sometimes means people make light of pain and just offer platitudes. Not at 614 chiropractic, Dr. Esser has never made me feel as if he doesn't really care about relieving my pain. Not easy to find a competent chiropractor who just wants continuing visits (more money?) without any end in sight. Cassie and Emily are top notch, too. My only regret is not finding this office sooner. Try it, you'll like it.

                                                                                        -Marcella M.

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I have improved so many parts of my body but, the best has been my heart burn and acid reflux. Such a great difference in what I can eat. I am so much calmer and sleep better at night without any heartburn. Love it                                               


                                                                                                                         -Mitzie T.

Last month I was in an automobile accident that caused some upper back/shoulder/neck issues. The discomfort inhibited some of the daily physical activities that I really enjoy and feel are very necessary in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr Esser has done a fantastic job correcting misalignments so that workouts have become pain free and long recovery periods have been greatly minimized.

                                                                                        -Kelly M.

Highly recommend going to 614 Chiropractic! I was very nervous and never had been to a chiropractor before and really didn’t fully understand the process/ benefits. Dr. Esser takes the time to fully explain things to me in a way that is easy to understand, while
providing care that specific to my needs. The amount of time, care and passion that he shows when working with his patients is amazing!

                                                                                        -Bethanie F.