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Back Pain in Hilliard ?

Back pain in Hilliard, Ohio. This is an issue that is so commonly overlooked, having back pain isn't normal.

  • To some, Chiropractor’s are known as back Doctors, but in reality, we are Nervous System Doctors.

    • The Brain and Spinal Cord (Nervous system) control every Cell, Tissue, Organ and Gland in the body.

  • The Spine just happens to be the portion that protects the Nervous system and provides foundational support.

  • The spine is freely movable to allow proper range of motion, that ability to be free movable is where issues can arise from pressure being placed on the nerve disrupting nerve flow/nerve power to the body from the spine or disc itself.

The moment I walk into 614 Chiropractor I was put at ease. The young ladies at the front desk greet you with a positive attitude and a big smile. Then you are escorted to each room and the equipment is explained to you. After a very short wait Dr. Esser comes in and explain the best plan of action for you pain. I really appreciated this. I have been going to 614 Chiropractor for about three months and it is the best decision. My pain has subsided tremendously.

Quanda P. 

First time going in there, and I was very impressed. The staff were very welcoming, and even said “we’re excited to meet you” when I called before my appointment. They also gave me a tour of the whole office before my appointment. Dr. Esser sat down with me for about 10 minutes learning my history and my areas of concern. He then took X-rays and showed them to me. Dr. Esser is excellent at communicating what areas of your body need work, what he plans to do for it, and how long he thinks it will take to see results. He also is a very well qualified chiropractor, as highlighted by the certifications he continues to get to better serve his patients. I’ve been going to the chiropractor my entire life, and I’ve never had a better experience than I did at 614 Chiropractic. Highly recommend giving them a shot if you’re looking for a chiropractor!

Forrest B.

Came in with the worst feeling I’ve had in my lower back from years of bad Lifting and work thinking I was never going to be the same. A few appointments later I am now feeling like my old self and honestly impressed with Dr.Esser and the staff here is very nice and friendly!

Alex D. 

Best places I have ever been too, Dr esser has helped me soo much, went in with back pain and ever since I came here my back pain has gone away he has done a awesome job with me and also BY THE WAY his two CA are amazing, very friendly, helpful, caring people and most of all out going definitely recommend to come here

Jonathan C. 

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