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Pregnancy & Postpartum Chiropractic Care In Hilliard, OH

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The body goes through a variety of painful changes throughout pregnancy. Chiropractic therapy in Hilliard can improve both the experience of childbirth as well as daily living throughout pregnancy. Chiropractic care improves health and the experience of pregnancy by gently realigning the body to its natural position. In this post, we'll look more closely at how chiropractic treatment at 614 Chiropractic might alleviate pregnancy-related discomforts like sciatica and lower back pain.


When pregnant patients choose to receive chiropractic care, one of the most frequent issues they experience is lower back pain. The center of gravity moves to the front of the pelvis as the body transforms in preparation for delivery. The pelvic joints move a lot as the baby grows, the stomach enlarges, weight is added, and the body shifts and transforms. The lower back curve known as the lordotic curve eventually becomes more obvious. The spinal joints, hip joints, and sacrum are all put under strain by this. All of these changes are stressful for the body to go through even though they are a normal aspect of pregnancy.

The spinal column maintains the body's natural vertical alignment while safeguarding the spine. Bundles of nerves that connect to the rest of the body are located near the spine. The vertebrae might aggravate nerves when the spine becomes compressed due to pregnancy-related changes. Pain that is felt throughout the body could result from this.

A typical example of a nerve discomfort that is frequently linked to pregnancy is sciatica. From the lower back, the sciatic nerve goes down the backs of the legs and into the feet. The longest nerve in the body is this one. It might be challenging to walk or remain stationary for extended periods of time when constricted. Daily duties can be challenging to do. Muscle strain brought on by the pain makes pregnancy discomfort worse.

The spinal column may become even more misaligned after delivery if the vertebrae were already so misaligned throughout pregnancy and childbirth, which can be physically taxing. Being as healthy as you can while caring for a newborn is crucial. There are several opportunities for repetitive motions that place additional stress on the body and increase discomfort, such as when cleaning up after a baby, breastfeeding, and carrying a baby.

The good news is that chiropractors can safely enhance the pregnancy experience and offer remedies to various health issues, both during and after delivery, by using natural, mild adjustments.


The natural alignment of the body is a specialty of chiropractors. The process starts with a one-on-one appointment at 614 Chiropractic, where we'll examine you and record your medical history. This is a terrific moment to talk about pains you've experienced previously and ones that have started as a result of the changes pregnancy brings. Your chiropractor in Hilliard can assist you in determining the source of your discomfort and in developing a secure treatment strategy.

The labor is more painful if you are already in pain when you go into labor and have a spinal misalignment. Some patients say they needed less painkillers during childbirth and that their labor duration was shortened after receiving appropriate chiropractic care. A chiropractor can gently readjust the body after childbirth to straighten it so you can recover and adjust to your new life as a parent.


I've been doing my treatment for 11 weeks and i trust Dr. Esser! He's gentle, caring and such a warm person. He makes sure i feel comfortable before the adjustment. Hes caring for my nervous system and my spine. The staff knows you by name and actually wants to know you as a person! Truly a wonderful practice. Every time I leave I feel like a whole new person!

Darlene R. 

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