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Neck Pain Treatments In Hilliard, OH

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Your neck provides a vital function. It keeps your brow in line. It also has crucial components that maintain communication between your head and the rest of your body. Your spinal column, which is made up of your spine, small vertebral bones, and sensitive nerves, is located in your neck.

Your neck's mobility is made possible by the neck's smaller bones. Your neck is also more susceptible to harm as a result. Your neck pain could be brought on by an unpleasant sleeping position, bad daytime posture, or recurrent stress from activities. Even while these routine tasks first seem insignificant, they eventually put stress on the neck. Neck injuries like whiplash are among the other sources of discomfort. This might occur in a traumatic athletic encounter or an automobile accident. Additionally, irregularities in the neck's bone structure, joint pain or other problems, pulled or strained muscles, and other conditions can all contribute to neck pain.


It's crucial to realize that the vertebrae in your spinal column are aligned correctly and naturally. These bones can occasionally misalign. Many of the above-mentioned situations that cause neck pain, such as whiplash or repetitive stressful activities, might result in this. The vertebrae in the neck frequently irritate the nerves there when the neck is out of alignment, which can result in pain that can radiate throughout the body.


People frequently describe their neck pain in movies and in real life by saying, "It's just a crick in the neck." This minimizes the suffering. It becomes expected that if your neck or back hurts, you should learn to live with the discomfort. There is a notion that it will eventually self-correct. People tend to think that in order to "tough it out," they should disregard their discomfort.


Chiropractors are aware that enduring neck pain is not a wise course of action. Living with constant discomfort that lowers your quality of life is not only harmful, but allowing misaligned vertebrae to irritate your neck's nerves could have long-term consequences. The longer a problem goes unresolved, the longer it may take to address and the more that will be required to be done to address it.

Pain may occasionally subside on its own only to return later. This occurs as a result of the misalignment never being fixed. The pain subsided when the neck changed, but the natural position was not discovered. This can occasionally result in major issues that call for surgery. Even if the pain was controlled by painkillers, the underlying issues continue until they are resolved.

Chiropractic treatment is non-invasive in Hilliard. The spinal column is brought back into alignment by means of moderate manipulations. Instead of just treating the pain as a band-aid, a chiropractor's treatment strategy attempts to address the underlying issue. To realign the bones means to find a lasting remedy rather than just endure another day of neck pain.


A chiropractor will do a comprehensive examination on your initial appointment in an effort to identify the cause of your pain. They will then develop a customized treatment plan with minor changes that offer short-term pain alleviation as well as long-term answers for improved health.


Contact 614 Chiropractic for a chiropractic consultation if you have questions regarding neck pain. We can work to identify the cause of your discomfort and develop a plan of action for effective relief.


I've been doing my treatment for 11 weeks and i trust Dr. Esser! He's gentle, caring and such a warm person. He makes sure i feel comfortable before the adjustment. Hes caring for my nervous system and my spine. The staff knows you by name and actually wants to know you as a person! Truly a wonderful practice. Every time I leave I feel like a whole new person!

Darlene R. 

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