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Workplace Injury treatments in Hilliard, OH

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Did you know there were over 100,000 recorded cases of workplace injuries in Ohio in the past year? People frequently misinterpret what a workplace injury is and are unaware that a workplace injury Chiropractor in Hilliard, OH may assist them in resolving the issue.  


For individuals looking for workplace injury treatments in Hilliard, OH, finding the right chiropractor is essential. 614 Chiropractic, a workplace injury chiropractor in Hilliard, OH understands the specific challenges and demands associated with occupational injuries, providing specialized care aimed at promoting recovery and preventing future issues. 


Almost any workplace injury in Hilliard, OH is the result of repeated stress and overuse. It is normal in the workplace to conduct routine duties with bad posture for long periods of time. Holding your body in an unnatural posture for a long time may place a lot of strain on your body's frame. This can happen while sitting at a desk all day typing, twisting your body while you move goods in a warehouse, or driving a vehicle all day in an awkward position. 

While it is usual for posture to be a big concern in these settings, difficulties can occur from repetitive activities that are taxing on your body even with perfect posture. Even the smallest of movements might cause long-term harm. A workplace injury can cause acute or persistent pain, which a chiropractor can help you detect and manage. Backaches, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and slipped or herniated discs are some of the most prevalent forms of occupational injuries we treat at 614 Chiropractic.  



When people conclude their workday, they may realize they have a twinge in their back, feel a little weird, or have a feeling that something isn't quite right. Making an appointment to see a workplace injury treatment chiropractor in Hilliard, OH at this stage might be beneficial. By discussing any concerns you have about your health with a medical professional early on, you can get early treatment for any potential problems. Misalignment of the spinal column is a typical source of pain in work-related accidents. Your nerves, like your vertebrae, travel through your joints. When your joints are misaligned, they might place strain on your nerves. This pressure might induce pain felt at the site or spread through your body to be felt elsewhere. 

Furthermore, the misalignment might disrupt the normal flow of your body's blood and oxygen. This injury has a significant influence on your immediate and long-term health and should not be overlooked. When you visit 614 Chiropractic, we will listen to your difficulties, do a comprehensive assessment, and determine the root of your problem. At 614 Chiropractic, we have a high success rate in workplace injury treatments in Hilliard, OH, particularly those resulting in misalignment and pain issues. We can develop non-invasive treatment programs that result in long-term health benefits. 

The greatest way to ensure you stay healthy at work is to contact a workplace injury chiropractor in Hilliard, OH that offers workplace injury treatments as soon as possible to avoid more harm and find a solution for your pain. Start on the road to a safe and healthy workday by contacting 614 Chiropractic. 

Benefits of Chiropractic Care 

Here are five reasons why chiropractic is an ideal choice for workplace injury treatments in Hilliard, OH: 

Targeted Pain Relief: At 614 Chiropractic, our chiropractors are trained to identify the underlying causes of pain and discomfort, offering targeted treatments to alleviate symptoms and restore mobility as a part of workplace injury treatments in Hilliard, OH. 

Restore Function and Mobility: Through chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises, and rehabilitation techniques, chiropractors help patients regain strength, flexibility, and range of motion following workplace injury treatments in Hilliard, OH. 

Prevent Recurrence: 614 Chiropractic focuses not only on current workplace injury treatments in Hilliard, OH, but also on preventing future problems by addressing biomechanical imbalances and promoting proper posture and ergonomics in the workplace. 

Natural Healing: 614 Chiropractic care emphasizes the body's innate ability to heal itself, using gentle, drug-free therapies to facilitate the healing process and promote overall wellness through workplace injury treatments in Hilliard, OH. 

Comprehensive Care: 614 Chiropractic takes a comprehensive approach to treat workplace injury treatments in Hilliard, OH by integrating various modalities such as spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, and rehabilitative exercises to address the multifaceted nature of workplace injuries. 

Workplace injuries can occur due to a variety of factors, but as a workplace injury chiropractor, we offer effective solutions for pain relief, functional restoration, and injury prevention. By addressing the root causes of injuries and promoting overall wellness, chiropractic care plays a valuable role in helping injured workers recover and return to their jobs safely. 

Schedule a consultation for workplace injury treatments in Hilliard, OH at 614 Chiropractic. We understand that true health is a journey, not just a destination. We specialize in providing personalized treatments that go beyond merely addressing symptoms, focusing on uncovering and treating the root causes of discomfort and pain. 

  • How does chiropractic work?
    Dr. Esser will go in with a series of Chiropractic adjustments (spinal manipulations) to try to fix the subluxations (state of less energy going into the body from the brain) and increase nerve flow to the parts of the body that are affected while taking pressure off the nerves. There are hundreds of ways to adjust the spine. If you have a preference, just inform Doc and he will accommodate accordingly (especially those nervous about any popping or twisting). There are multiple ways to get you better while ensuring you are comfortable and enjoy your visits.
  • What can chiropractic help with?
    Chiropractors really don’t “treat’ anything. We make adjustments to the spine in an effort to allow the nerve flow to run at full power in the body- creating a normal state of optimal health. It’s all connected. You can only feel 10% of your body so if a person says they “feel good” that just means the 10% they can feel is probably ok. How you “feel” has little to do with how you actually are. That is why X-rays and MRIs don't lie when they show and tell you what the problem is and the chiropractor will come in with the game plan.
  • I’ve heard that if I start going to the chiropractor, I have to keep going forever. Is that true?
    As with all good things, regular maintenance is required for optimal function, recovery, and sustainability. When you go to the gym, you do not stop going once you are fit. You keep going to maintain your fitness. This same principle applies with your spinal health. When joints become fixated or stuck together, it takes 30 days for there to be a decline in tissue quality, for this reason, it is recommended that all patients get adjusted at least once a month once after you’ve completed the initial care plan. Dr. Esser will review your specific frequency recommendations at the end of your initial care plan and we will come up with a way to keep you well until you croke or I croke!
  • What is the Roller table doing?
    The Intersegmental Traction Table— better known as the roller table— stretches, exercises, and massages the spine prior to your adjustment with Dr. Esser. Priming the spine in this way allows the adjustment to be more effective. After sitting all day in a neutral or flexed forward position, the discs can become dehydrated and stiff. This traction table allows fluid to flush into the disc as it makes its revolutions through the spine for a smooth and comfortable adjustment.
  • What is Decompression and can it help me?
    Non-surgical Spinal Decompression is a modality that creates a negative pressure in the disc space. By creating this negative pressure, a vacuum effect takes place and the disc that is protruded into the spinal canal is given an opportunity to retract back into its assumed anatomical position. This makes it ideal for patients with disc herniations, bulges, degeneration, or radicular pain. In addition to these more severe cases, decompression is great for heavy lifters, prolonged sitters, runners, and just about anyone with a spine. Due to the compressive forces of gravity, decompression can be a great option for a wide variety of patients. Everybody can benefit from Decompression as we all have gravity acting down on us all day long! That’s why every Thursday at 12:15 you will find Doc on the tables himself! *Talk to Dr. Esser if you are interested in this service so he can evaluate your case and determine if you are a good candidate.
  • Is Chiropractic Really Like Dentistry?
    ▪ A Dentist recommends yearly checkups to ensure proper maintenance. ▪ A Mechanic recommends semi-yearly tune-ups to ensure a properly running vehicle. ▪ Both of these have the ability to have parts replaced. ▪ Teeth can be replaced. ▪ An engine can be replaced. ▪ Your Spine cannot be replaced ▪ It can only be fused which will reduce range of motion, limiting your ability to work or live, or desensitized with drugs. • Essentially taking a sticky note and putting it over the warning light of your car dashboard. • Then driving that car for miles and miles and the problem escalates to where a total engine replacement is required. (surgery)
  • Why Is the Spine So Important? 
    To some, Chiropractors are known as Back Doctors, but in reality, we are Nervous System Doctors. The Brain and Spinal Cord (Nervous system) control every Cell, Tissue, and Organ Gland in the body. The Spine just happens to be the portion that protects the Nervous system and provides foundational support. The Spine is freely movable to allow a proper range of motion, that ability to be free movable is where issues can arise. The pressure being placed on the nerve disrupts nerve flow/nerve power to the body from the spine or disc itself. Remove the interference, allow full communication from the brain (immune system) and the body will have the highest potential for healing.
  • Why Does It Seem Like Chiropractors Practice So Differently?
    • There are multiple paths to accomplish goals in life. • The premise is overall the same in that removing the interference (subluxation) is the goal. • There are multiple different types of lawyers, accountants, and medical doctors. • All with different approaches and techniques. • Finding the right fit for you and your family is vital, as they can be a resource for your entire family’s lives forever!
  • Is Chiropractic Good for Seniors?
    • Chiropractic is fantastic for Seniors. • Achy-ness, Reflux, Pain, Numbness, Tingling, Anxiety, Degenerative Disc Disease, Bulging discs • All symptoms that have been brought into our office in the past week. • Chiropractic can be tailored to the individual. • Lighter technique is used if personal preference. • Medicare benefits are one of the best insurances around. • Even the government (Medicare insurance) knows that Seniors need care.
  • Should I Get My Child/Infant Checked by a Chiropractor?
    • Many parents are choosing to be proactive with their children’s health. • Understanding the importance of nurturing a growing nervous system! • Chiropractic care is both proactive and preventative when it comes to wellness for kids. • Pediatric adjustments are safe and gentle, using no more pressure than what you would check the ripeness of a tomato. • Our office focuses on making sure your child has a properly functioning nervous system, creating health right from the beginning of life! • Symptoms that have been brought into our office in the past week: • Colicky, Troubles latching, Constipation, Birth trauma, Bedwetting, Ear infections ​ If you want your kids to develop the same issues as you, then leave them at home. - Dr. Esser specializes in Pediatrics, getting your kids checked to ensure they are not developing abnormally can save you time and money in the future!
  • Should Athletes Go to the Chiropractor
    Yes! As we compete, we are putting stress on our bodies that over time need to be addressed so that we can perform at our highest levels. • Small Unaddressed • Microtraumas Over Time Create MACROTRAUMAS • All 32 NFL teams have a Chiropractor, that’s not a coincidence.
  • Is It Expensive?
    • Compared to what? • An emergency room visit at a thousand dollars just for walking through the door? A huge surgery? 19 • Having the ability to live your life with little to no pain, and functioning at your very best is priceless. • Ever been congested and all stuffed up? • The entire time you are stuffed up, you constantly think to yourself, I really take for granted when I am not stuffed up and can actually BREATHE. • Your health is the same way, except it’s not a simple cold that we are discussing. • YOUR GREATEST WEALTH IS YOUR HEALTH • A million dollars in the bank doesn’t matter if you cannot function to enjoy it!
  • How safe is Chiropractic care? 
    A fun fact I tell my patients: ▪ Chiropractors’ Malpractice Insurance • the insurance needed in case anything happens in the office Is what all healthcare professionals have ▪ A Chiropractors Malpractice Insurance cost is one of the lowest out of all the professions ▪ Meaning that the insurance company knows how safe our care is ▪ Compared to dentists, surgeons, M.D.s, D.O.s and other physicians of the world with higher rates. ▪ If you are nervous about having your neck evaluated and adjusted, you can rest assured that your care can be altered and lighter techniques can be used ▪ There are many ways to adjust you and we will find a way that you are comfortable with, so that you can enjoy every visit.
  • Will I be sore? 
    You may be a little sore after your first few visits as we begin to retrain your body after years of havoc. Nothing you can’t handle, as we continue on, you will become less and less sore!
  • My Family Member Got into A Car Accident, What Do I Do Next?
    Call us! • Whether it’s from hitting a deer, getting rear-ended or side swiped on interstate. • Vital that care be sought after as soon as possible to ensure that detrimental whiplash effects are not set in that will lead to future degenerative joint disease. • We can get them evaluated in the office right away, from there we can get any further testing required through direct referral if needed. • “I’m Fine” - Studies show an impact while traveling as slow as 7mph can produce whiplash symptoms, those symptoms may not show for months or years. • Which may be long after your Insurance claim is closed and you will have to pay for those costs yourself!
  • What About Exercises, Stretches?
    You didn’t over or under stretch yourself into your situation, the same with exercise. It’s a matter of time and repetition on your body that has pushed your body into the pain threshold. Continue your current regimen if you feel comfortable and it does not produce pain, we will not alter anything you do for the first few weeks. If Dr. Esser feels that you are not on pace in improvement as expected, he will evaluate your routine and determine what will need changed or restricted.
  • What About Massage Instead?
    Massage is a wonderful commodity that Dr. Esser himself uses monthly in addition to his weekly Chiropractic and Decompression. Increasing Range of motion, reducing stiffness, it’s wonderful. But there is no substitute for Chiropractic. Picture this, picture a room in your house as one of your joints. That room fills with fluid, and fills to the ceiling. That joint becomes stiff, achy and loses range of motion. With massage, it’s as if we open the door & let all the fluid out. We feel fantastic, we are less stiff, have greater range or motion, not to mention more relaxed than ever. But, as soon as the massage stops. The door shuts. The issue causing the fluid to build in the room was not fixed. Therefore, the leak in the ceiling continues to pour fluid into the room and the trouble begins all over again an hour later. We have to remove the leak in the ceiling (the subluxation/the problem). That will get you long term success by fixing the issue at its source.
  • My Doctor Told Me to Avoid Chiropractic Care?
    We would suggest to find a new Doctor. We work with multiple physicians across Columbus. Whom all agree that Chiropractic care can be useful in majority of situations and always tailored for your specific case!
  • Where are you located?
    5250 Cemetery Road, Hilliard OH 43026
  • Does Decompression Hurt or Feel good?
    Typically, if you weren't in pain prior to the decompression therapy, you won't be after. Some Chiropractic & Decompression patients do experience some mild soreness or minor aches after a visit. There is little to no pain involved in decompression therapy You may feel pops and cracks, but you should not feel any intense pain.
  • Can I Do Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression without Chiropractic Care?
    In life you always have options. Our advice is to utilize both services simultaneously to ensure that we have the best tools to get you better, faster. -The Chiropractic adjustment is the most vital aspect in that it is removing the subluxation (nerve interference) from the brain to every cell, tissue, organ, gland in the body. -Majority of our patients choose to utilize both options in order to address the subluxation and the disc itself through non-surgical spinal decompression.
  • Will Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Cause Further Damages?
    No, there are no risks associated with Decompression. However, to ensure your safety, your chiropractor will assess if you're a good candidate for the procedure. People with specific spinal issues, like osteoporosis, ankylosing, recent back surgery, or any condition that may put integrity of spine in danger may not be elgible. -Other patients who will need assessed for qualification include: 20 weeks+ Pregnant women, Spinal fusion in region of concern, metal rods in the spine.
  • Common Conditions for Decompression?
    Headaches, Migrains, Neck Pain, Upper, Mid, and Low back pain, Hip pain, Shoulder pain, Weakness, Tingling, Numbness, Herniated/Bulging discs, Radiating pain, Whiplash, Nerve Pain, Burning, Constipation, Poor Sleep, Vertigo, IBS, ADHD, Blood Pressure, Bed Wetting, Ear Aches, Digestive Issues, Fertility Issues
  • How Does Payment Work?
    We offer affordable options to pay for your care so no matter your situation you can afford to be seen and well taken care of! It sure beats paying tens of thousands for surgery or pain medication the rest of your life!
  • Should Athletes Utilize Decompression?
    Herniated discs are more common in athletes due to allowing their discs to endure more stress and trauma than they would naturally. -Lifting weights, swinging a golf club, getting tackled, running a marathon, hours and hours of training all put pressure on the spine & discs, that compression needs to be de-compressed to prohibit future injury.
  • Referral To Other Doctors As Needed?
    If our office determines that your case requires supplemental co-management care outside of the office we will ensure you are routed to a top local office of your choice. -if you need direct referral for surgery or casting we will send you straight to orthopedic which will bypass emeregency room visit.
  • When are my Follow Up X-Rays Taken?
    At the end of the initial game plan, once nearing completion and symptom improvement. -New X-rays will be scheduled to determine progress - With that information, we will come up with a gameplan to keep you at your best forever!
  • Why Can I Not Feel Much Pull While on The Table? Can The Settings Be Turned Up Higher?
    -That's actually a great thing! The computer on each table is set to create the exact velocity it needs. These tables are designed to be gentle coming under radar
  • What is The History of Decompression?
    Throughout history, Decompression has been utilized as a treatment option to relieve: -Peripheral radiation/sciatica, numbness, tingling -Pain associated with various spine injuries and pathologies
  • Is Decompression Good for Seniors?
    Decompression is fantastic for seniors. -Achyness, Reflux, Pain, Numbness, Tingling, Anxiety, Degenerative Disc Disease, Bulging discs -All symptoms have been brought into our office few weeks Decompression is gentle and can be tailored to each individual.
  • Why is Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression so Great?
    1. We achieve results where others have failed. 2. We are able to correct conditions without surgery. 3. We are able to get people off of drugs they may have had to take for many years. 4. We can get people back to work when they may not have been able to otherwise. 5. We literally add quality years to peoples lives
  • How Long Does it Take to Get Better?
    The time period for adults is right around 90 days. Why 90 days? It is simply the time it takes for ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones, and nerves to heal. If you sprain an ankle, it takes about 90 days to heal. The spine works the same way.
  • What Is Softwave?
    -Softwave's OrthoGold is an advanced shockwave device using electro hydraulic spark gap technnology. -Design features a parabolic reflector applicator that produces highly effective, low-intensity unfocused shoch waves. -The applicator spreads energy to a large area of both superficial and deep tissue soliciting a biological responsse to initiate the body's natural healing process.
  • What Does Softwave do?
    -Increases blood flow -Decreases inflammation -Stimulates and activates resident stem cells -Repairs, remodels, and regenreates tissue -Accelerates wound healing -Induces antibacterial effect -Reduces acute and chronic pain
  • What To Expect with Softwave?
    The procedure averages 10-15 minutes but may be longer depending on treatment area and diagnosis. - A gel is applied to the surface area to be treated. The applicator produces pulses as the clinician moves around the treatment area. - During therapy, communication with the provider is necessary to identify treatment areas of concerns
  • What is Softwave Therapy?
    It is a treatment involving technology that applies short, frequent, and high intensity bursts of mechanical energy ( in the form of shockwave) into soft-tissue that is injured, scarred, or contains adhesions, is painful, or inflamed.
  • Is Softwave FDA Approved?
    Softwave is FDA 510(k) cleared for: Activation of connective tissue, treatment of chronic diabetic foot ulcers and treatment of acute second-degree burns. It is FDA 510(k) registered for: Pain reduction and improved blood supply.
  • Does SoftWave Work?
    Depending on the treatment type, studies show success rates up to 91%
  • Does Softwave Hurt or Feel Good?
    Softwave therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment. - You might feel a little pain or discomfort in the treatment area during the procedure -If this occurs your specialist will be able to adjust the way they're using the softwave device if pain is significant. - Level of discomfort also depends on the amount of pain the patient is already experiencing.
  • Is Softwave Good For Seniors?
    - Softwave is fantastic for seniors. -Some symptoms that have been brought into our office: - Arthritis, bursitis, Tendonitis, Meniscal Tear, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel, Neuropathy. - Softwave can be tailored to the individual.
  • Should Athletes utilize Softwave?
    -Athletes are constantly placing strain on their muscles in order to grow them, when compromised, it is vital to keep them in top working order. -Imagine driving your car and never maintaining it. -Some symptoms that have been brought to our office in the past week: - Wrist pain, lower back strain, tennis elbow, anterior knee pain, shoulder injury, achilles
  • How Much Does Softwave Cost?
    -Initial care plans for Softwave Tissue Regeneration are normally 8 visits. - The fee per session is $270. - Cash patients get a 50% discount. - Payment options are also available.
  • Why Does Insurance Not cover Softwave?
    -In our opinion, we feel that insurance would rather you take other steps instead including, cortisone shots, surgical fusion, epidurals, physical therapy. - We refuse to accept that as the only option and understand that insurance does not typically have your best interest in mind.

I've been doing my treatment for 11 weeks and i trust Dr. Esser! He's gentle, caring and such a warm person. He makes sure i feel comfortable before the adjustment. Hes caring for my nervous system and my spine. The staff knows you by name and actually wants to know you as a person! Truly a wonderful practice. Every time I leave I feel like a whole new person!

Darlene R. 

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