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Wellness Care in Hilliard 

Dr Esser does a great job of breaking down what's wrong with your spine and describing it to us non-chiros. He started me out on a twice a week treatment plan before eventually moving me to a every other week maintenance plan. I have to say that he has me feeling way better! I highly recommend checking out this office and at the very least getting examined. Pricing at this office is very affordable and is way better than the multi thousand dollar plans I've seen at other chiropractors.

Parker S. 

Dr. Nick is very knowledgeable, thoroughly explains what is going on with your body and xrays, and how long it may take to get you back to optimal range. Both of the girls up front are as friendly as can be and always smiling, they love if you bring in your dog as well. Will continue going here for the foreseeable future.

James P.

Love this practice! I was traveling to visit family and woke up I’ve morning with awful back pain. I had never experienced this and didn’t know what to do. Seeing a chiropractor was recommended. They were able to get me in same day and immediately made a huge difference - I am so grateful! Now i know the importance of sound health and how yo avoid that in the future. Dr Esser and his team are the best! I highly recommend them.

Julie J.

Great Chiropractor and Great Staff! The whole team is notably friendly and they genuinely care about your overall health! Dr. Esser is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain anything and everything to make sure you are comfortable.

Jennifer L. 

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