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Car Accident In Hilliard?

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Car accident in Hilliard, Ohio? We can help, trying to figure out what to do after an accident can be very confusing with all sorts of information, choosing to get care or not... and do you need a lawyer? It can all be a lot to do by yourself. We are here for you to help guide you through this process with ease. 

Most Auto-related injuries are covered 100% in Ohio for patients, not at fault.  You can get the care you need and it normally costs nothing. Great for you!

  • All we need is your claim number and car insurance information.

  • If an attorney is needed, we have many on file that we highly recommend to help you with your case!

Why should you choose to get chiropractic care? 

Anything over 10MPH creates whiplash, whiplash can cause loss of Range of Motion, Headaches, Ringing in the Ears, and can even lead to Arthritis if left un-treated (YIKES) that doesn't sound like something you want to leave for future you to deal with. It's better to get that taken care of now to ensure we can get you the proper care as soon as possible!

Personal Injury and all things Insurance Companies

It can be very confusing after an accident to try and figure out what to do with all the information you are given. Some questions you might have.  Who needs the information? How much will the insurance company cover? Do I even need care, I feel fine? How do I get ahold of someone to get all this taken care of if I was at fault Vs not at fault.

We handle all the insurance and Personal Injury insurance in the office we have a great staff who is ready to answer any questions you might have about having a claim number, adjuster, lawyer, etc. 

How we can help!

We are one of Hilliard, Ohio's Personal Injury Experts, and we are here to serve you! We will have you come in to fill out some simple paperwork to get your case started, our amazing team will look over your information and get everything sorted out and find you a trusted Personal Injury lawyer if need be. 

Dr. Esser will then take you through a thorough evaluation to determine exactly what issues were caused by the impact of your accident. We then will take X-rays of the problem areas and Dr. Esser will go over a Game plan with you to find out what is the best option for you to get you feeling your best! He will then do some light work on your spine to see if we are a good fit for you!

Through the process, our staff will be here for any questions you may have and find the best care for you!

Cervical xray.jpg

I was recently in a car accident and I had seen Dr. Esser before and decided I should get checked out because I’ve been experiencing some tightness and aching in my upper and mid back. Him and his team were informative and helpful and had no issue getting me in. Dr. Esser and his team here are very nice and professional. If you’re thinking about seeing a chiropractor I highly recommend 614 Chiropractic.

Nolan M. 

My husband and I went there not knowing anything about how insurance from injury would work and everyone there was super helpful in explaining and helping us with everything. Everyone there is super nice, you are always greeted when coming in and the check in is really easy.


Celea D. 

Dr. Esser and his assistant Jen are amazing!! I was in a bad car accident four years ago, my should had been having pain ever since then. while I've been to multiple dr's, hospitals etc, they just kept telling me it was a sprained muscle and sending my on my way, for four years! One day it just got completely unbearable! I struggled to go to work. I thought I tore it somehow.I couldn't get in to my doctor for a few weeks and definitely did not want to go to the ER and wait for hours again. But long story short I ended seeing that he Dr.esser could help wity shoulder pain so I thought I go give it a try. While I was there he did his X-rays and assessment and found out my shoulder pain is from a spinal cord injury and not a muscular issue at all! ! I've been going there for a little over a month now every since then I have not been having to deal with that constant pain I have been having for four years! It just brought me soo much relief knowing the cause and knowing it can be treated!

Morgan R.

I love Dr. Esser! He can adjust my neck in a way that no other chiropractor can. Every time I get an adjustment I leave feeling better! I highly recommend if you’re in search of a new chiropractor!

Abbey L. 

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