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I woke up a few weeks ago with intense pain in my neck and limited mobility and started the search for a chiropractor near me who could fit me in ASAP. I called just after they opened and they told me to come right on in. They were running an awesome special on new patient first exams that included x-rays, an adjustment, and an overview. Dr. Esser managed to correct my subluxated vertebra in my neck and promised I’d be pain free in less than a week and after a few more visits, he definitely made good on it. By day 5, I was feeling completely pain free and confident that he could help me correct some other long standing issues with a wellness plan. The office staff is so incredibly friendly and accommodating. This is 100% the spot to go!

Megan F.

614 Chiropractic is amazing. I’ve been going for awhile and getting weekly adjustments and always walk out feeling like a brand new me. I have recently up graded my care to twice a week and looking forward to how I will feel in a month.

Mike M. 

Dr. Esser is awesome. Ive seen many chiropractors over the past 4yrs since a neck injury, and his techniques are amazingly beneficial. My daughter and I have found relief in his treatments. The office staff are always kind and friendly. So happy I found 614 chiropractic!

Rebecca S. 

Dr. Esser has done wonders. I’ve been about 10 visits now with significant improvement with my neck and back pain. The staff, treat you like family and greet you by name. They are very professional but still make you feel valuable as a patient. Highly recommend. Superb health care from this great group.

Arron H. 

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